• Enamelled Round Copper Wires EW, PEW, UEW, PVF, EIW, AIW.
  • Annealled & Tin Annealled Copper Wires.
  • Electric Cables
    UL, UL/C-UL, CSA, DENTORI, -F- Mark, CEE, AS Approved.
  • SII/LMK/SPLN Approved cables.
  • Automotive Cables
    AV, AVS, AVSS, AVf, HEB, EB, FBLK, etc.
  • Power Supply Cord and Cordset
    UL, UL/C-UL, CSA, DENTORI, CEE, AS Approved.
  • Wiring Harness and Modular Set.
  • Telecommunication Cables Coaxial, TV Feeder, Indoor Telephone, Jumper Wires, etc.
  • Audio Cables
    Speaker, Microphone, Shield Wire, etc.